Ultima Online: Heroes

"Can you prove yourself a hero?"


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About the Shard (About the Game)

Greetings! My name is Nathan, but in the shard you may know me as Azmodain. I am the shard's owner and creator.

Now, I believe almost all gamers around the world have heard of RuneScape. Well, if not, you have to check it out! It is probably the best online multiplayer game out there. Anyways, RuneScape was one of the games that had inspired be to make a video game. But, my video game would be different. It may have a few of the same features... but different. So, after a while, a friend of mine told me about a game that he had created. He used a program called 'Ultima Online'. 'Ultima Online' is a great game system where you can play games (shards) that others have made, or even make you own! Anyways, making a shard on 'Ultima Online' is very challenging. Yet, my friend just so happened to have made one. The name of the shard is 'Purely Primitive', and it is still up and running today. Anyways, he got me hooked up and I've been playing it alot. This inspired me to make my own. So, I did.

I have been playing another shard for a while now (the one I just spoke of in the previous paragraph). I thought it was so awsome that I just had to have my own! So, I asked the owner of the shard to show me how, and he did. I came up with the name and soon the shard came to be. If you want to get started, click on the Get Started link on the left of the page.

Heroes Youtube Site (currently no videos)